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A nifty little 3D printed adapter that allows you to attach a new Corolla steering wheel (and potentially most Toyota steering wheels)

All you need to do, is simply:

  1. Remove your existing steering wheel
  2. Remove the brass horn contact ring from existing steering wheel
  3. Bolt the adapter to the new wheel
  4. Pop rivet the brass horn contact ring to the new adapter
  5. Install the new steering wheel with adapter onto the steering column spline
  6. Install new steering wheel centre (remember to attach horn spade connector)


How do I know what steering wheel will work?

If you have a factory airbag in your vehicle already, chances are the steering wheel will bolt straight on to your existing airbag clock spring.

This is the style of steering wheel that will suit this custom adapter boss. Check that yours has the same shape/style where the clock spring usually attaches.