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The best on the market!

Introducing our new LN106 Hilux solid front axle wide track conversion, hub spacer kit!

Doing a wide track conversion on your Hilux solid front axle? Then look no further, because you cannot get any better than these.

What is a wide track conversion?

When you install N60 IFS hubs onto your LN106 solid front axle knuckles, they widen the track of the front axle to the same width as the N60 IFS Hilux rear axles (which is awesome!) 

However, you then run into an issue with brake rotor to brake caliper offset. To combat this, the best and most common method is to space the brake rotor back (in-board) to align it where it should sit in relation to the brake caliper as it's attached to the knuckle. 

No this is NOT a wheel spacer! It spaces the brake disc only.

Unlike other suppliers, who make these type of adapters from extremely heavy steel - which adds ALOT of rotating mass to your vehicle (which is never a good thing) We have designed and made our kits (as we do with all our premium componentry) from the super tough and lightweight 7075-T6 aluminium, with a very tough and durable black mil-spec hard anodising but half the weight of their steel counter-parts.

What you get?

  • 2x Billet Aluminium Spacers
  • 12x High Tensile Zinc Cap Screws (Spacer to Hub)
  • 12x High Tensile Zinc Bolts with Spring washers (Brake Rotor to Spacer)