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Holden Commodore V6 - COPPER EXHAUST MANIFOLD GASKETS (set of 6)

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Sick of your crappy factory gaskets blowing out with high horsepower & forced induction applications? Then you're in the right place...

We have designed and manufactured some beautiful, long lasting & reusable gaskets to solve your problems! 

Suits the following engines: (may fit others, but not confirmed)

  • L27 (Buick 3800 V6)
  • L36 (Ecotec 3.8L V6)
  • L67 (Supercharged 3.8L V6)

By making these simply a small 2-bolt style gasket (one individual per cylinder) you increase the point/clamping load around the cylinder. The other bonus of that is the fact if you ever need to replace one individual gasket, you don't need to buy the whole of cylinder bank worth. These gaskets also allow you to really put some decent torque on your bolts/studs without risk of crushing or compromising the integrity of the gasket

What you get:

  • 6x 1.6mm copper gaskets, precision water jet cut - Free postage to you

Are they strong enough?

Yes, most certainly. Copper with a melting point of 1,085 deg c and a tensile strength of upwards of 25,000 psi, will certainly withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures you will see in a high powered turbocharged exhaust header. In-fact, where the gaskets are located (between the head and the manifold flange) this area will stay quite significantly cooler than further down the system at say a collector or a bend etc. This is granted that your exhaust manifold and cylinder head flanges are flat and true + your bolts/studs are torqued properly.

Copper has also been used and proven as a great head gasket solution for a lot of extremely high horsepower cars - which says enough for me...


  • The bolt hole diameter for these is to suit both 3/8" & 5/16" bolts/studs (L27 is 3/8) So on the L67 which has 5/16 dia bolts, these will be slightly looser, so your alignment will have to be checked as you're installing. A good trick is to lightly spray the surface with copper spray and stick it to the manifold flange before install (can also use high temp RTV), that way it stays aligned when it goes on to the engine.
  • If you are unsure if they fit your vehicle, I can 3d print & post you a mockup for a small fee, that you can then physically test on your setup.
  • We can also do gaskets in thicker 3mm copper, however this is a custom order and will cost a little bit extra & incur a slightly longer lead time for manufacture