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The world's first relocated/caster corrected lower ball joint kit for N60 generation IFS Hilux!

These will give you the ultimate adjustability in the front end of your IFS Hilux.


Have you lifted your vehicle?

Got crap on-road handling? 

Struggling to get a decent wheel alignment?

Have you got big tyres?

Struggling for clearance at the rear of the wheel arches?


Then you are in the right place! Our upper and lower ball joint kits will solve all your front end alignment/geometry problems. 


Our relocated lower ball joints are a must for any lifted N60 Hilux! Designed to give back your lost caster after lifting your 4WD and the extra bonus of increased wheel clearance in the arch, allowing you to quite easily fit 33s with minor clearancing depending on lift.

NOTE: It has recently come to our attention that the very last generation of the N60 Hilux appears to have some clearance issues (04 model for example) We are not sure exactly which models, however, if you have a late model Hilux please contact us to check.






We offer a discount for combining the upper and lower ball joint kits. Simply add both sets to your cart and an automatic discount will be added. The lower ball joints cam be found here


How they work?

When you lift your 4WD, you are changing the geometry of your suspension/steering components. In doing so, this usually throws your caster and camber values way out. These two values can make or break how your vehicle feels/drives on the road.

The added struggle with the double wish-bone suspension configuration is that, when you adjust the lower arms with the eccentric cams you may fix one issue, but create another. For example, you may move them around and correct camber as best as possible, but then you will likely find the caster is then sub-optimal or visa versa. 

These relocated lower ball joints allow you to be able to set your lower arms up in a manner that gives you maximum caster and push the wheel as far forward as possible for wheel clearance (33+ inch tyres especially) And then you can correct/fine tune the camber with our adjustable upper ball joint OR even leaving eccentric arm adjustments the same, but still gain of extra 1-2+ degrees of caster due to the relocated lower ball joint.


In lay-mans terms, not enough caster, your steering will feel very floaty and not self centre. Ideal caster values for your Hilux would be between +2 to +3 degrees.     

Commonly after lifting your vehicle, you will struggle to see any more than 0 degrees.  This results in poor road holding ability and overall terrible, 'boaty' feel on the road.


This is the angle at which your wheel sits when looking at the vehicle front to back.

When you lift your vehicle, this will result in your camber figures being sub-optimal. The usual case is your front wheels will gain positive camber, which is both terrible for handing and for tyre wear.

Wheel leaning in = Negative Camber, Wheel leaning out = Positive Camber

For your Hilux you are generally shooting for a 0 to -0.5 degree camber figure. Our upper ball joints will allow you to pull the wheels back in to spec.



  • Billet 7075 T6 aluminium with Mil-spec Hard Anodising
  • Super strong & light
  • Uses a readily available N70 lower ball joint assembly
  • BIG gains in positive caster
  • Gives ultimate wheel clearance 
  • Amazing amount of adjustability for front end of vehicle when coupled with our Adjustable Upper Ball Joint kit as well


  • 2x Billet Lower Ball Joint Brackets & Top Caps
  • 2x N70 Lower Ball Joints & Associated Hardware
  • 2x Billet Taper Adapters
  • All required hardware for install


    • 2-4" Suspension lift (MUST)
  • BBG Adjustable upper ball joint kit (highly recommended)
  • Front diff drop (more than likely needed, definitely recommended if CV angle excessive - greater than 2" lift usually)
  • Poly LCA bushes (great upgrade to sharpen up front end handling)